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Robert Shirk - Artist


My Neo-Pointillist figurative paintings are created on multiple sheets of layered plexiglass. Each sheet of clear plexiglass contains a part of the final image. The effect creates a 3 dimensional kinetic painting that moves and changes as the viewer’s perspective changes.

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"The Lovely Loleita" - 07/23/21.

Acrylic paint on 2 sheets of 18"x24" plexiglass on top of 3 sheets of 24"x32" plexiglass.

The woman I fell in love with. The Lovely Loleita.

One of the reasons that I have painted mostly women since coming back to painting a few years ago, is because some of the most meaningful influencers in my life have been women. From my Grandmother instilling in me the belief that I can do anything. To the unconditional love of my Mother. To the many female mentors I have had influencing all aspects of my life. But there has been no greater influence on me than The Lovely Loleita.

Neo-Pointilist Painting The Lovely Loleita

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