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Robert Shirk - Artist


My Neo-Pointillist figurative paintings are created on multiple sheets of layered plexiglass. Each sheet of clear plexiglass contains a part of the final image. The effect creates a 3 dimensional kinetic painting that moves and changes as the viewer’s perspective changes.

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Jack Nicholson - 08/14/21

Jack Nicholson's face seems to always bring a smile to mine. He has played some very very interesting characters in movies like Batman, The Shining, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

This painting is done with acrylic paint on 3 sheets of 18"x24" plexiglass on top of 2 sheets of 24"x32" plexiglass.

The Pointillist painters of the 1880's were interested in using dots to visually mix colors. This Neo-Pointillist painting of 'Jack Nicholson' is my latest example of that Pointillist technique of mixing colors. This painting has around 24,000 dots!

You can currently see this painting at the Park Avenue Contemporary gallery in Winter Park, Florida. If you are in or around Winter Park sure to stop in and say hi to Jack! 348 Park Avenue South Winter Park, FL. The gallery's hours are: Tues - Fri: 11am–7pm, Sat: 10am–8pm, Sun: 11am–6pm, Mon: Closed.

You can see more about the gallery here:

Neo-Pointillist painting of Jack Nicholson

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